At a Glance

Location: Junín, Peru

Impact Areas: Sustainable Income, Environment

People Supported:
Indigenous People, Small Producers & Artisans, Rural

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


In the Andean Highlands, there are few opportunities for employment and reliable income for the subsistence farmers that live in these small, remote villages. Inka Moss is the only Peruvian company that collects and processes, in a sustainable way, sphagnum moss – a natural product that is highly demanded by international orchid growers. The company trains these small farmers to collect the moss and become suppliers in its value chain. The company provides them with fair wages, training, technology, materials and tools, as well as infrastructure development in their communities.

Learn more about Inka Moss and see its impact in the Andean communities where it works. Click on the image above to watch the video.

Results & Impact 


people reached to date 



remote Andean communities reached by 2020



people whose livelihoods will improve by 2020

Thank you to NESsT, Kiva and all the people around the world who trusted Inka Moss and the business model we propose. The funds that you have provided will allow us to continue our growth plans and more importantly, to have more communities in the highlands of Peru become suppliers for Inka Moss, moving out of poverty and improving their overall quality of life.
— Marco Pinatelli, General Manager of Inka Moss

NESsT Investment

Inka Moss joined the NESsT portfolio in 2015. NESsT is working with Inka Moss to scale its successful business and increase its social impact, engaging thousands of people in the high Andes as suppliers and employees and ensuring them a reliable source of income for their families.

Inka Moss was founded in 2010 and quickly proved its business model, achieving break-even a year later. The market opportunity for its moss products is strong, and Inka Moss needs both financial investment and business development support to grow its production capacity and take advantage of sales opportunities in new regions.

NESsT supported Inka Moss in developing and validating new technologies that could be used by its suppliers to increase the yield of their harvests. NESsT provided financial investment and leveraged a low-interest loan funded on the Kiva platform to help Inka Moss purchase equipment to expand production lines and improve collection processes. Inka Moss also used this funding to develop land management plans that ensure protection of the environment.

To prepare Inka Moss for greater investment, the NESsT portfolio team and mentor network in Peru has been advising the company on the design of its expansion plans and outreach to co-investors, including opportunity analysis, pitch deck development and negotiation strategy. To date, Inka Moss has been successful in securing funding from several co-investors with NESsT's support.