We provide our portfolio with tailored financial support, business mentoring and strategic networking over a five-year period.

Tailored Support & Investment

NESsT offers investment packages up to $150,000 in the form of grants, patient working capital loans and recoverable grants over a five-year period. We encourage co-investments and are proactive towards introducing you to our co-investment partners.

Our team also provides one-one-one business consulting and leverages our partner network for industry-specific expertise and engaged mentorship for you and your team. Over a five-year period, these services are valued at more than $100,000.

What We Look For

Social entrepreneurs with enterprises at the validate (i.e. sales exist but do not sustain the enterprise) and prepare-to-scale stages (i.e. sales sustain initial operations but not growth)

Social enterprises must also meet the following requirements:

  • Be based in Central and Eastern Europe or South America

  • Use market‐based solutions to create dignified employment, placements or viable income generation opportunities for marginalized groups, while also addressing the many barriers that keep these communities from accessing the formal labor force

  • Demonstrate a willingness to be active and engaged through the months of the selection process


How to Apply


1. Start the Conversation

Let our portfolio team know about your social enterprise by completing a brief interest form. If your social enterprise looks like a good fit, we’ll then invite you to complete a portfolio application.



2. Interview or Site Visit

Our portfolio team will schedule an interview or site visit. During this meeting, we will be looking to develop a deeper understanding of your social enterprise and your growth prospects.   


3. Due Diligence

Our portfolio team will complete a 3-6 month due diligence process. This process includes a deep dive into your company’s financials, legal and governance structure, leadership team development, growth opportunities and investment needs. Your portfolio manager will then present your business to the NESsT investment committee, which will make the final decision on whether your business will enter our portfolio.



4. Welcome Letter

If your social enterprise is approved for investment, you will receive a welcome letter inviting you to join the NESsT portfolio. We will also introduce you to the NESsT performance management tool and schedule regular check-ins with your portfolio manager to ensure you get tailored support, mentoring and training to help your business grow.