At a Glance

Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Impact Areas: Labor Inclusion, Training

People Supported:
Youth, Urban

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


Rede Pró-Aprendiz Rio is a program launched in partnership with Rede Cidadã and IPHAC - Instituto Promover that trains and prepares youth for apprenticeships that will help them to launch their careers.

This apprenticeship program partners with companies operating in Brazil that need support in meeting the requirements of the Lei do Aprendiz (Apprentice Law). This national legislation requires all employers to offer a percentage of their one-year-long part-time paid apprentices to youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

CIEDS will take the lead as it transforms a nonprofit initiative into a full-fledge social enterprise that sells services to companies interested in employing the youth. The organization has 20 years of experience in working closely with at-risk youth, supporting them in the school-to-work transition and preparing them to secure employment. It also builds inclusive networks through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations.

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Results & Impact 


youth trained for employment


youth receiving job placements


retention rate

We want to build an education program for the workplace that celebrates the inherent skills of young people.

NESsT Investment

NESsT and CIEDS partnered to offer skills training and placement of at-risk youth as apprentices with companies in Rio de Janeiro. CIEDS leverages the legal requirement of the Lei de Apprendiz (Apprentice Law) which requires all companies in Brazil to hire apprentices for at least one year and ensure that youth are trained for these jobs.

Based on NESsT’s research of the highest-growing industries in Brazil, CIEDS will expand to the hospitality sector by attracting new clients in that sector. NESsT will support CIEDS in consolidating its business model selling services to the companies.

NESsT Empowers prioritizes a demand-led approach that engages corporate partners to design curriculum. Over the past two years, 10 corporate leaders have contributed financial resources and pro-bono business mentoring to all entrepreneurs in the portfolio around the following themes: valuation, investment readiness, merging, legal advice, and governance. 

As the Brazilian Congress moves towards enforcing a minimum standard for professional practices, CIEDS will ensure that apprentices are able to build strong relationships with future employees, not only to improve the quality of their training, but also their likelihood of launching a career with a dignified job.