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Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Impact Area: Labor Inclusion

People Supported:
People with Disabilities

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Consolidar Diversidade promotes the diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market. Brazil is home to the largest population of people with disabilities in Latin America, with the most recent census indicating that 45.6 million people have a disability. Most are unemployed, and other groups are marginalized in the labor market: ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQIA+ community members.

Corporations hire Consolidar Diversidade to promote behavioral and cultural change and reduce prejudice.  More than 10,000 corporate employees have participated in Consolidar Diversidade trainings; they have led to the direct hiring of more than 750 people with disabilities. 

Consolidar Diversidade (CD) sells educational and recruiting and selection (R&S) programs to corporations to promote the diversity and the labor inclusion of people who face the highest discrimination in the labor force. It also provides ongoing education programs that reach 100% of the clients’ staff to diminish prejudices and to value diversity. By improving the work environment, promoting empathy and building better relationships, Consolidar helps companies to increase employee morale and retention, and overall productivity.

AGEM is a multi-channel company with more than 26 years of experience in the e-commerce, physical retail, distribution and corporate segments. On August 9, its store leaders, in São Paulo, participated in Consolidar’s Diversity and Inclusion Awareness session. (Consolidar Diversidade, 2018)
I am very happy to be part of the Cummins team. It feels like a dream come true to be in a [sector] that I love! I could not forget to thank you for remembering me from the start and for giving me the chance to grab this GOLDEN opportunity! You can be sure I’ll do my best!
— Marissa, Consolidar Diversidade Graduate

Results & Impact 


people with disabilities placed into employment 



people with disabilities receiving vocational training



corporate employees receiving diversity and inclusion training

NESsT made capital growth investment to launch Consolidar Diversidade’s two technology platforms and to integrate their finance, sales, and operations using a CRM tool. This digital overhaul of the company aims to optimize its operations, improve client acquisition, and increase its revenues.

Consolidar is launching the following platforms:

  • mDIVA®, a Diversity and Inclusion Platform that enables companies to rate the diversity and inclusion level of their workplace, utilizing 14 different categories based on the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks. After the self-diagnosis, they will have a clear understanding of areas of that they can improve with Consolidar’s support.

  • EaD, an e-learning platform for small and mid-size companies.

The NESsT team also provides Consolidar with business mentoring in HR, communications and branding, and investment readiness. We are excited to work with Consolidar as it incorporates technology into its services to ultimately integrate people with disabilities into workplaces across Latin America.

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