At a Glance

Cieszyn, Poland

Impact Area:
Labor Inclusion

People Supported:
Minorities, People with Disabilities

Joined NESsT Portfolio:

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Fundacja Byç Razem runs nine businesses focused on skills training and the integration of people that are excluded from the labor force in Poland.

The Foundation has launched several social enterprises, including a woodwork workshop, a laundry service provided to numerous hotels and spas in the region, and a bistro in Gdańsk, Poland. After completing the Foundation’s educational programs, graduates have the opportunity to build on their professional qualifications by working in these social enterprises as waiters, carpenters and locksmiths. 

Photo: Being Together Foundation Team

Photo: Being Together Foundation Team

Results & Impact 


social cooperatives supported


people with disabilities employed in the labor market


expected increase in revenue generation

These social enterprises are the product of over 20 years of work dedicated to healing people from homelessness, addictions, inactivity or rejection.
— Laura Andrukiewicz, Brand Manager of the Foundation

NESsT Investment

Through the efficient skills training of its employees, and its very high quality standards, Fundacja Być Razem manages these multiple business lines efficiently and effectively.

In 2018, with a NESsT investment to improve the capacity of it laundry services, the enterprise increased the average size of its orders, attracting new clients, and increased its revenues by 28% while doubling the number of employees.

NESsT also offers Fundacja Być Razem tailored mentoring focused on its operational management, branding, intellectual property and, as well as its legal and financial processes.

Beyond increasing orders from exiting and new clients and improving its overall processes, the enterprise will be renovating its laundry hall, carpentry workshops, and bistro over the coming year.

The Fundacja is also investing in its home goods brand, WellDone, as demand grows for it internationally, so much so that the enterprise has begun to witness imitations of its products. This promoted NESsT to connect the Brand Manager to advisors that are supporting them with integrating intellectual property protections.

The enterprise is also develop a marketing and communications strategy as WellDone products will be available in the United States and across Europe in the coming year.