Dignified Employment and the Gift of Security

Many people around the world will end the year not knowing how they will sustain themselves and the people that are depending on them.

At the same time, many of us will end the year pondering on whether there really are solutions to poverty or climate change.

The security that comes with reliable employment opportunities allows us to address both of these challenges.

Jobs provide means and meaning.

You met Victor and MBQ.

Through the creation and sale of handcrafted copper pieces, Victor is teaching communities across Europe about Roma culture, while also ensuring the wellbeing and future prosperity of his community.

You learned about Candy and AMAZ.

Candy Morales recognized the range of skills available in her family and galvanized her relatives to channel their expertise towards expanding sustainable farming in the jungles of Peru. Their goal: to give true value to Peruvian communities, the source of most of the world's cacao.

You met Mariusz and Dimpact.

Mariusz is preparing youth who are neither in education, employment or training to learn both soft and hard skills to enter tech, an industry with ever-growing opportunities.

This is the passion and hard work that inspires us at NESsT.

As you spend time with your loved ones, we hope you will share these stories. NESsT enterprises assure us that people all around the world are committed to turning our often felt hopelessness into concrete solutions.

Thank you for forming part of our work. 


Wishing you a very Happy New Year,

Nicole Etchart and Loic Comolli, NESsT Co-CEOs and all of us at NESsT