How can you support ethical value chains that impact future generations?

Meet AMAZ.

Eight out of the ten types of cacao from around the world are found in Peru. You've probably tried them! Over the last 15 years, more and more highland communities have migrated to the jungle in search of economic opportunities.

AMAZ Foods is a social enterprise that seeks to help these communities create sustainable futures not just for today's families but also for generations to come.

Founded and run by the Morales family, AMAZ produces chocolate and cacao-based products. 


The company helps the farmers in its supply chain increase their income while also protecting the environment. 


The result is a company that operates as a laboratory for innovation.

AMAZ cacao honey

AMAZ is experimenting with the byproducts of the cacao bean to create unique new products like cacao soda and honey, further reducing waste and increasing value for farmers. 


NESsT is making a growth capital investment in AMAZ to kickstart its cacao extract processing, including supporting the development of a processing facility and purchase of equipment.

AMAZ also trains and supports each farming community to strengthen their harvest management, meet organic standards, and collaborate with universities on sustainable farming research.

With AMAZ, communities experience a 70% income increase following training and market access.


If businesses plan for the long-term sustainability of people and the environment, these businesses will strengthen the value chains that are the reason for their existence.

With your support, NESsT can ensure social enterprises like AMAZ thrive in developing long-lasting employment for low-income communities.

Yes, it requires all of us.