Empowering Youth for Industries of the Future

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Meet Mariusz.

Mariusz is working to improve the lives of young people who need jobs in Poland. He is the CEO of Dimpact, a social enterprise that offers affordable training programs and job placement services to help at-risk young people jumpstart their careers in IT, accounting and other business support services.

After more than a decade helping companies with their IT needs, Mariusz wanted to use his experience and skills to help youth build successful careers and expand their outlooks for the future.

Nearly 1 in 5 young people in Poland are not in employment, education or training. At the same time, employers report difficulty recruiting for the rapidly growing business service and IT outsourcing industry.

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Dimpact will launch a comprehensive training program this spring to prepare youth as entry-level accountants for the 2,000 job openings that Polish companies need to fill for this position each year. 

Dimpact is working closely with major corporations to develop training in both technical and soft skills.

Students will receive hands-on training that also includes job shadowing, mentoring and in-depth recruitment support from established corporate professionals.

Our goal is to support young people seeking stable, dignified employment opportunities, as well as business sector that has problems with finding job candidates with proper competencies.
— Mariusz

Dimpact aims to support young people in planning their career development and to advise employers on how to create jobs that enable every candidate to feel a sense of fulfillment. By linking these two groups, Dimpact can strengthen the workforce in Poland. to build Mariusz shares, "We are looking for partners with the same vision, ready to activate their financial and non-financial resources to advance the training that is tailored to the needs of employers. The more partners we engage, the more efficient our venture will be."

Thanks to our supporters, NESsT provided a start-up financial investment to help Dimpact develop its online educational platform and the curriculum for the pilot program. 

Your ongoing support enables young people in Poland to strengthen their communities and local economies.

Social enterprises solve critical social problems by using a long-term approach that focuses on the systemic causes of the problem. Social enterprises combine the advantages of nonprofit organizations and businesses. Through the use of healthy market structures, social enterprises establish a reliable feedback loop from customers while also ensuring sustainable financing sources.
— Mariusz

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