Join Us in Taking A Stand Against Poverty This Holiday Season

Meet Victor.

Victor is a coppersmith in the Romanian village of Brateiu. He says he’s proud he can continue to practice the craft of his ancestors and make a living doing so.

Victor has steady work thanks to Mesteshukar ButiQ, a social enterprise that seeks to address a Roma unemployment rate that is five times greater than the general Romanian population.

Watch Victor's Story (Video by Matei Plesa)

Why should you make social entrepreneurship a part of your end-of-the-year philanthropy?

Because social enterprises like Mesteshukar ButiQ are working to ensure traditional Roma artisans like Victor can transcend the discrimination and prejudice that limit their access to dignified work. Mesteshukar ButiQ designs and sells contemporary home decor, jewelry and clothing that relies on traditional production techniques and influences of Roma culture. The Roma artisans receive direct income for each product they create. 

Without you, Victor would not be able to support his family.


Mesteshukar ButiQ has already proven that conscientious buyers are willing to invest in its products. This year, Mesteshukar ButiQ nearly doubled the number of Roma artisans in its network thanks to the financial investment and one-on-one support it received from NESsT to help it scale its business and social impact. 

Without you, NESsT would not be able to invest in Mesteshukar ButiQ to increase sales, grow its business and hire more artisans like Victor.

Social enterprises help people get access to good jobs, reliable income and the dignity that comes with supporting their families and contributing to their communities. When these businesses succeed, people can move out of poverty and build better futures.

It is our dream that with your support we can lift 50,000 people out of poverty in five years.

Won't you join us and take a stand against poverty this holiday season?