Why Gabriel's Story Makes Us Smile

There are so many stories we hear from NESsT enterprises about individuals whose lives have been transformed by the opportunity to work in dignified jobs, but Gabriel’s story is one that brought extra big smiles to our team’s faces.

Just a few years ago, Gabriel was a rebellious teenager living in a group home run by CONCORDIA Social Projects in Romania along with his three brothers, because his father was unable to care for the children after their mother left.

After finishing school, he was able to get vocational training and a job at Brutăria CONCORDIA, a bakery and NESsT enterprise that trains and employs at-risk youth. Many of its employees have previously been homeless or lived in poverty.

Today, Gabriel is a supervisor at the bakery and is proud to mentor other at-risk youth to gain valuable training and work experience that helps them secure permanent jobs in their communities.

Thanks to the support of NESsT donors and supporters, NESsT is able to invest in and grow social enterprises like Brutăria CONCORDIA that are employing at-risk youth and helping them to realize their dreams for better futures. NESsT helped Brutăria CONCORDIA develop a sales strategy to increase revenue and assisted with team development to grow the business for greater impact.

Please support NESsT by giving a recurring online donation of $25 a month this holiday season. Your support will help us give social entrepreneurs the financial and advisory support they need to give jobs to young people in their communities and offer them the dignified livelihoods they deserve.