Retalhar Offers Women in Brazil Dignified Livelihoods

Women in emerging market countries face some of the greatest barriers to earning income to support their families. They are more likely to work in the informal economy, trying to survive with uncertain and low-paying jobs.

Thanks to your support, NESsT enterprises like Retalhar in Brazil are seeking to provide dignified livelihoods for women in their communities -- offering dignity and hope for a better future for these women and their families.

Marcia saw her life improve after becoming a producer for Retalhar. Marcia had been trying to support herself and her two sons Artur and Heitor by making rugs as part of a group of women artisans. She wasn’t able to make enough money, however, from the sales of the rugs. Retalhar contracted with Marcia and her circle of women artisans as suppliers to produce high-quality products made from recycled uniforms to be sold as gifts to its corporate clients.

Now, Marcia says she is able to support her family on the income she receives from producing the gifts.

Thanks to this partnership with Retalhar, we feel proud of our work and have a stronger sense of self-esteem. We can now support our families with our income and still work with the crafts we love.
— Marcia, Artisan for Retalhar

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