Do You Want to Help Transform the Lives of Young People?

One of the reasons NESsT was founded is because we believe that social enterprises have the power to transform lives. By supporting and growing social enterprises, NESsT helps provide dignified jobs and sustainable livelihoods for people in emerging market countries. The entrepreneurs we work with are seeking innovative ways to reach the poorest and most excluded people in their communities, giving them the ability to improve their lives.

Tomasz is one young person whose life has changed, because of the work of Association Siedlisko, a NESsT enterprise that is giving work to young people with mental disabilities in Poland.

Tomasz never graduated from school. School was tough. He changed schools often and had a difficult time succeeding in the classroom and fitting in socially. He found himself out of school without any skills or ability to find a job.

Tomasz was depressed and angry. Everyday was the same. He had no reason to get out of bed in the morning.

That's when Association Siedlisko hired him to work in the kitchen of a center that provides full-time care for seniors and people with chronic illnesses. The enterprise trained him as a cook, and soon Tomasz proved himself to be a conscientious and responsible employee. Today Tomasz is the chef's main assistant, and he's training to pursue a job beyond Siedlisko in the future.

Tomasz now feels excited to go to work in the morning. He no longer feels angry and anxious. Instead, he enjoys knowing that he is helping others and has hope for a better future.

Do you want to help more people like Tomasz to live lives of meaning and hope? 

You can. Your support allows NESsT to support high-impact social enterprises across Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Donate to NESsT on Giving Tuesday and help us give social entrepreneurs the financial and advisory support they need to improve the lives of people in their communities.