About Fondo Emprendedor


Fondo Emprendedor is the first impact investing fund in Peru that is funded by Peruvian capital to invest and boost local social enterprises in early stage with a clear growth, self-sustainability and social impact potential.

Fondo Emprendedor provides tailor-made funding (soft loans, recoverable grants and equity), as well as specialized support and advisory services over a 30-month period with the goal of helping entrepreneurs achieve greater scale, consolidate their businesses, reach self-sustainability, and generate more social impact.

For more details about Fondo Emprendedor and about the portfolio evaluation process for social enterprises, please visit Fundación Wiese’s website (only available in Spanish).

About Fundación Wiese

Fundación Wiese is the social responsibility and social impact branch of Grupo Wiese, one of the main economic groups in Peru. Since 1960, Fundación Wiese has worked to support people and institutions in transforming Peru into a country where equality, solidarity and identity are the main values that inspire all of its citizens.

With the mission to expand its social impact into the categories of social entrepreneurship, education, and emergency and disaster management, Fundación Wiese works not only with programs under its own management but also with initiatives operated by partners. In October 2018, Fundación Wiese launched its Fondo Emprendedor para el Emprendimiento Social (“Fondo Emprendedor”) program with NESsT. NESsT has more than 20 years of experience investing in and supporting social enterprises in Latin America and Central Europe, in addition to implementing specialized advisory services to more than 14,000 organizations in 55 countries.

Fondo Emprendedor’s goal is to invest in social enterprises that impact vulnerable groups in Peru, focusing on improving their income, generating dignified jobs, and providing them with access to products and services that improve their quality of living.

In this way, NESsT continues promoting the development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Peru by developing new investment vehicles and becoming a reference in impact investing in the region.