Consolidar Diversidade: The Brazilian Social Enterprise Transforming Workplace Cultures

All employers want to find the most driven and hardworking people to join their companies. However, so many people with different abilities who could excel at their jobs continue to be excluded.

Their perspectives are missing from the companies that are very likely providing services and products in communities where people with a disability are living; 25% in the case of Brazil. (World Bank)

NESsT social enterprises create job opportunities for people who are discriminated against and excluded altogether from dignified work. Dignified work involves access to a livable wage, benefits, and a contract that defines the rights and relationship between the employer and employee.

Consolidar Diversidade is a social enterprise based in São Paulo that promotes the diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities into the labor market.

The enterprise has directly placed 750 people with different abilities into companies such as BNP Paribas, Bosch, Cummins, Microsoft, and Natura. Beyond hiring Consolidar Diversidade to build a more diverse workforce, its clients also focus on building a more collaborative culture that is devoid of discrimination. More than 10,000 corporate employees have participated in Consolidar Diversidade trainings.

In 2018, NESsT invested in Consolidar to launch two B2B platforms offering diversity and placement services to clients. It also invested in a CRM tool to integrate their finance, sales, and operations. This digital overhaul of the company aims to optimize its operations, improve client acquisition, and increase its revenues.

Cummins Brazil is among Consolidar’s clients.

Geovanna de Oliveira Silva Cummins Employee and Consolidar Graduate

Geovanna de Oliveira Silva
Cummins Employee and Consolidar Graduate

One day, I told Flavia at Consolidar that I really wanted to work in the engineering field. She remembered this, which I think is super cool. From the day that I started at Cummins, I have loved even more what I’m doing. I adore it.

I provide administrative support, opening purchase order and issuing invoices for my entire department, and I have new assignments that will give me greater responsibility in the industry.

Geovanna de Oliveria Silva always dreamt of becoming an engineer. At 20 years of age, she was unemployed and seeking an opportunity that could jump start her career, while also being cognizant that her physical disability would shape the final outcome.

Geovanna has monoparesis of the lower limbs, a rare condition characterized by weakness limited to one limb. When Consolidar first got to know Geovanna, the team learned that she had completed an internship at a facility that had a lot of stairs which created challenges for her as she cannot use stairs or stand for extended periods of time.

Consolidar provided Geovanna with training and facilitated access to a job opening at Cummins. She progressed to the final interview and joined the team!

I am very happy to be part of the Cummins team. It’s a dream come true that Consolidar helped me to reach. Every morning, I go to work ready to give my best to the company. When I leave at the end of the day, I’m already anticipating my next day. This is a result of feeling satisfied in what I do.
— Geovanna de Oliveira Silva

NESsT was excited to invest in Consolidar because of its intention to incorporate technology into its services. Flavia Cortinovis is an educator at Consolidar that is responsible for developing the methodology of its mDIVA® platform that trains corporates in transforming their culture into one that values diversity and inclusion - two characteristics that are linked to improved creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Flavia Cortinovis  Educator, Consolidar Diversidade

Flavia Cortinovis
Educator, Consolidar Diversidade

Geovanna is full of potential and possesses wonderful competencies that will help her to become an engineer. Cummins understood her physical restrictions and met all of the requirements so that she could develop herself as a professional. Geovanna is studying, employed, and on the path to becoming an engineer.
— Flavia Cortinovis

To support the scaling of the business, NESsT offers Consolidar’s management team with business mentoring focused on HR, communications, investment readiness and impact measurement.

From our analyses, we’ve learned that the quality of jobs that Consolidar offers is among the most reliable for people that are not in employment or in education (NEET) in Brazil. These jobs are also among the highest paying with wages for its employees.


And the rest of the world is taking notice.

Consolidar and several of its clients traveled to New York City on December 3rd during the International Day of Persons with Disabilities hosted by the United Nations. Bosch and Padaria Real are two of its corporate clients that received awards for the way they’ve integrated dozens of people with different abilities into the workforce and transformed the culture of their workplaces.

This award reflects the success of a partnership with Consolidar.

I hope every time to grow more in the company and that other people are able to access the opportunity that I had.
— Geovanna de Oliveira Silva
UN Summitt in NYC1.png

Join us in providing these opportunities to more youth across Brazil with Consolidar Diversidade.