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For NESsT enterprises, building relationships based on respect and trust is at the core of expanding livelihood opportunities for diverse communities. Café Compadre empowers coffee farmers in the Peruvian jungle by providing them with solar-powered technology to roast and improve the quality of their coffee beans. This leads to an increase of over 70% in income for each farmer. Plus farmers can try their own coffee for the first time!


As an early adopter of the solar-powered coffee roaster provided by Café Compadre, Cristóbal became a role model for other coffee farmers. Based on this trust-based relationship, Café Compadre has  been able to incorporate other farmers who know Cristóbal into the enterprise's supply chain. Meeting Cristóbal proved fundamental as it led to the adaptation of the technology and business model to meet the real needs of coffee farmers, and ultimately to market demand.

There are many ways you can support enterprises like Café Compadre that are improving the lives of low-income and remote communities.

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