NESsT & Kiva Partner for Water Access in Peru

How do you get an entire nation excited about reaching 100% access to potable water? A NESsT Enterprise figured it out, and it’s expanding.

YAQUA’s impact starts with the sale of a bottle of water.

When someone purchases a bottle of YAQUA, it is because 100% of earnings are directed to projects that solve water and sanitation problems in impoverished areas of Peru.

NESsT and Kiva are excited to support YAQUA in raising $50,000 in small loans in order to launch a line of healthy, dried fruit snacks that will integrate 1,250+ low-income fruit farmers into YAQUA’s supply chain.

Your Kiva loan will power the growth of what has been recognized as one of the most innovative enterprises in Peru. Why become a lender?

1. YAQUA has provided clean potable water to 1,000+ people in urban and rural communities in Peru. For families like Máximo’s that live six hours by boat from the nearest port city in the Amazonian region of Peru, accessing potable water and medical centers is difficult. Waterborne diseases caused by drinking untreated river and rainwater constantly affect his and his family’s health.

YAQUA arrived to the Nueva Israel community and worked with Máximo and other family leaders to install a low-maintenance water filtration system that does not use chemicals. Máximo has played a key role engaging community members and training them to use the system. His message to YAQUA motivates their work: “No person or organization strives as hard for the welfare of a village, or goes so far with their own resources. I can only show my eternal gratitude.”

2. The loan will equip and adapt the infrastructure of the new fruit processing plant. YAQUA’s access to 150,000 retail sales points, and partnerships with major chains across the country, will be leveraged for selling the fruit snacks. Proceeds from the sales will also be used to provide communities with access to potable water.

3.YAQUA’s patented water filter has a high metal elimination capacity that has reclaimed water contaminated by heavy metals. Its unique packaging and branding also educate consumers on the importance of water conservation. Beyond that, for each bottle that is sold, a bottle is recycled. Future plans include eliminating plastic bottles across the country and including a QR code that will provide consumers information about new water sites for communities.

Become a part of the first Peruvian social enterprise involving the nation to solve the water crisis for the 8 million Peruvians living without access to potable water.

Your loanwill provide sustainable livelihoods to small farmers and strengthen water infrastructure in Peru.

"These communities are cheering for us to do more, to grow stronger so that we can make the impossible possible. Because of NESsT, we have the support to grow.” – Fernando Tamayo, Founder of YAQUA.