Encauchados raises $40,000 in 40 hours

A loan of $39,950 will help to provide 400 indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon with sustainable rubber harvesting training and employment that will double their annual incomes.

In nearly 38 hours, 1208 lenders around the world came together to raise USD $39,950 for Encauchados.

Why the enthusiasm?

The Amazon rainforest offers many ways to generate a livelihood without destroying it, yet many people looking to earn money turn to illegal deforestation. In the Brazilian state of Para, communities cultivate açai for eight months/year and then turn to wood and palm heart logging during the offseason to sustain themselves. These practices, unfortunately, are quickly destroying the Amazon, which has already lost terrain as large as France.

Encauchados is a social enterprise that processes and commercializes the rubber bought from an indigenous cooperative of 128 people. The rubber is produced into home and fashion products, such as trivets and footwear, made of rubber compost mixed with acai fiber. Both the rubber and the açai are biodiverse products that thrive only when the plants around them are also sustained. Since the producers walk for many hours a day to cover their production area, they also monitor the prevalence of illegal logging.

This loan will provide 400 indigenous people from the Amazon with a reliable source of income that will double their annual earnings. By lending to Encauchados, you will help to expand the cooperative and (1) to develop its commercial activities to increase sales (2) to fund working capital necessary to increase production and suppliers of rubber, and (3) to hire a Manager to oversee operations, employee development, and sales.

In doing so, the communities will also be conserving the Amazon rainforest, proving that businesses need not endanger the environment to generate a profit.


From the Founder, Francisco Samonek

“We are very happy with this new investment. It feels like one more step accomplished in our history. In July 2018, we designed strategy, which NESsT immediately embraced, also believing in the potential of the company to develop the Amazonian communities. Our new partner, NESsT, became involved motivate us to achieve our goals and to improve the life of more families.”

On a personal note:

A special someone, Renata Truzzi (our Brazil Director) sent me Encauchados sandals all the way from Brazil and I haven't worn them because I keep showing everyone I know. The rubber is so soft and flexible, the pattern of the leaves is stunningly visible, and the colors are vibrant. While the story of indigenous communities conserving the Amazon by tapping into the rubber of the trees is so powerful, I know this company will ultimately succeed over the long-term because their product is high-quality. I'm proud to become a part of their history as a lender and future customer. <3