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We're hosting a webinar.

I want to tell you about one of our speakers:

Simone Pisu.

For him, scuba diving is a family tradition. How could he avoid it when he was born on an island in Italy?

Even though he is one of the 0.7% of scuba divers globally, there's something more unique about Simone.

It's what he's done with his passion for the ocean.

Simone is part of a team of scientists turned entrepreneurs.

Here’s what happened:

After graduating with degrees in fisheries and marine biology, the scientists developed relationships with the people closest to the ocean as they continued their work.

Because of what they witnessed, they launched Sustainable Fishery Trade (SFT), a social enterprise that connects small-scale fishing communities in Peru directly to the restaurants, increasing their incomes by 30%.

Their clients now include Peru's most accomplished chefs: Gastón Acúrio and Virgilio Martinez.

Then, SFT landed a spot in the NESsT Portfolio leading to $200,000+ USD of new funding.

In 9 days, Simone will be sharing what he discovered through the due diligence process that led to new investments for SFT.

Joining him will be investors with a collective experience of 65 years and over $1 billion in management. Tap into their knowledge, register for the webinar.

Beyond the Idea:  Uncovering the Entrepreneur's Talent in Due Diligence

Wednesday, May 9th
8:00-9:00 AM (PST, San Francisco)

See ya there!

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