[Webinar] Mentoring Across the Enterprise Life Cycle

When the Best of the Best Team Up to Solve Poverty

Most of us can point to someone who has helped us to deal with failure and to keep focused on our ultimate goals.  

Sometimes it's easier to realize that help is needed than it is to know exactly what that help should be. 

For an entrepreneur juggling the short - and long-term goals of their business, having to find a mentor can quickly take a backseat. However, starting with a few basic questions can make the process more manageable:

What are the priorities of the social enterprise at this point,
in the next 12 months, and in the next three years?

Where can a mentor's input be the most valuable?

When mentors and social entrepreneurs work together to address each others' knowledge gaps, they are better able to come up with solutions that work.

On Tuesday, July 17th at 11:00 AM (EST), we explored how to best leverage Mentoring Across the Enterprise Life Cycle. As the enterprise evolves, so should the mentoring.

Charu Adesnik, Deputy Director of the Cisco Foundation, moderated the conversation with panelists from NESsT and MicroMentor. The Cisco Foundation supports nonprofits scaling tech solutions for social impact, including NESsT and the Idea2Entrepreneur Tools Suite.