Join Our Portfolio

We are continually building our portfolio pipeline and welcome information about social enterprises that meet our investment criteria.

We typically identify social enterprises for our portfolio in three ways:

1. National Social Enterprise Competitions

The large majority of social enterprises that enter our portfolio are identified through our national social enterprise competitions in our two regions of operation.

Currently open:

NESsT Peru – Innova Empresarial Postulación

NESsT Romania – Competiţia NESsT pentru Întreprinderi Sociale

2. By referral

We welcome referrals from other social investors, donors and colleagues to high-impact social enterprises within our two regions of operation.

3. By invitation

Please understand that we do not accept unsolicited proposals or business plans seeking support.

However, if you are based in one of our two regions of operation and are seeking support to plan for, start up or expand a social enterprise that meets our general our investment criteria, please contact us. Please note that due to the large quantity of submissions we receive and our limited resources and capacity, you will not be contacted unless our portfolio team identifies your submission as a strong fit with our investment criteria.

If you do not meet our criteria, we encourage you to:
– make use of NESsT’s research and tools for social enterprise development
– learn more about NESsT Consulting services