NESsT develops sustainable social enterprises that solve critical social problems in emerging market economies.

NESsT is a catalyst for social enterprises in emerging markets and worldwide. Since 1997, NESsT has developed sustainable social enterprises to solve critical social problems in emerging market countries through:

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Our Approach
We support enterprises that serve low-income communities and help to reduce their vulnerability:


•    We provide unique, long-term incubation of early-stage enterprises to successfully launch, sustain, and replicate their impact.

•    We support enterprises that provide job and income opportunities or deliver technology innovations to low-income groups.

•    We Customize incubation and investments for a spectrum of enterprising solutions, from revenue‐generating nonprofits to for‐profit social ventures.


Impact Areas
Picture3Labor Inclusion
Enterprises targeting groups excluded from the labor market by employing them or providing them with training and placement services. Target  populations include at-risk youth, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and others excluded from the labor market.



Sustainable Income
Enterprises operating through cooperatives or producer associations to increase the income of their members. Target  populations include artisans, small-scale farmers, and micro-entrepreneurs.



Affordable Technologies
Enterprises commercializing affordable technologies to improve low-income and marginalized communities’ income and quality of life. Target  populations include communities without access to basic services or to innovations to meet their basic needs.


Joining our Portfolio
Our portfolio team is constantly seeking innovative social enterprises. We identify our pipeline of prospective portfolio members primarily through our national social enterprise competitions. We do not accept unsolicited proposals or business plans. For further details, please visit Joining our Portfolio.