NESsT Peru

NESsT works in Peru since 2007

Impact in Peru

NESsT has conducted five social enterprise competitions in Peru since its launch in April 2007. Over 100 Peruvian organizations and 270 innovators have applied to join NESsT´s portfolio:

  • 36 organizations, and
  • 40 innovator teams

These organizations and teams were selected to develop a business plan and receive seed funding to sustainably launch and incubate their social enterprise.

Impact on low-income communities

NESsT Social Enterprises provide marginalized communities improved quality of life through:

  • Labor Inclusion for people with disabilities, at-risk youth, ethnic minorities, and other populations excluded from the labor market.
  • Sustainable Income for artisans, small-scale farmers, and other low-income and marginalized producers.
  • Affordable Technologies for low-income communities to improve their income and quality of life.

How we work

We provide a combination of financial capital, training and mentoring, and access to markets and networks, to enable our portfolio to plan for, start up, or expand social enterprises.

Our Portfolio Process

We recognize that every social enterprise is different. Our portfolio process and support is designed to respond to the unique needs of each social enterprise through the various stages of development.

We provide support for social enterprises in the planning, incubation, and expansion phases. You can know more about each phase here.


Peru Partners & Supporters

Ausherman Family Foundation|www.aushermanfamilyfoundation.orgMultilaterial Investment Fund (FOMIN)|www5.iadb.orgPeru Opportunity Fund|www.peruopportunity.orgUSAID|www.usaid.govEmerging Markets Charity Benefit|www.emta.orgIDRC|www.idrc.caPrivate Equity Shares|www.privateequityshares.orgThe Lemelson Foundation|
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Contact Us

NESsT Peru
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