NESsT was founded by social entrepreneurs Lee Davis and Nicole Etchart in 1997.


StaffNESsT founded: NESsT incorporates as international nonprofit organization; opens regional office for Central & Eastern Europe in Budapest, Hungary.


NESsT launches the Sustainable NGO Financing Project to assess status of social enterprise in Central and Eastern Europe.


Profits for NonprofitsNESsT hosts NGO Venture Forum and releases Profits for Nonprofits book on social enterprise in Central Europe.

NESsT opens office for Latin America in Santiago, Chile.


NESsT provides first early-stage portfolio investments in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.


IVP forumInternational Venture Philanthropy Forum: NESsT hosts landmark event in Budapest to promote diverse ‘social capital market.’

NESsT presents first International Venture Philanthropy Award in Budapest.


NESsT hosts Social Enterprise Forum in Chile, launching portfolio support in Latin America.


NESsT launches NESsT Consulting, offering social enterprise development services worldwide


NESsT launches International Social Enterprise Exchange (ISEE) in Chile and Central Europe

get_ready_get_set-cover-wwwNESsT releases Get Ready, Get Set manual on social enterprise development.

NESsT receives prestigious Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.


NESsT releases Risky Business book on the impacts of social enterprise.

NESsT expands portfolio support to Croatia.

all-in-the-same-boat-coverNESsT releases All in the Same Boat book on engaged philanthropy.

NESsT releases Enterprising Mentality, a guide on social enterprise for mental health and intellectual disabilities organizations.


LASES logo ENGNESsT hosts Latin American Social Enterprise Symposium (LASES) in Santiago, Chile with William Davidson Institute.

NESsT expands portfolio support to Romania.

NESsT approved as first Central European member of European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

2007: NESsT 10th Anniversary

NESsT opens office in Lima, expanding portfolio support to Peru, launches RAMP Peru with the Lemelson Foundation.

NESsT hosts Social Enterprise Competition in seven countries: Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Peru, Romania and Slovakia.

NESsT hosts Social Enterprise Symposium in Budapest, Hungary to mark 10th anniversary.

SE Symposium

NESsT holds first Social Enterprise Marketplace in Budapest with Hungarian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (HVCA).


NESsT opens offices in Buenos Aires and Quito and launches first Social Enterprise Competitions in Argentina and Ecuador.

private_equity_shares_logo_400NESsT launches Private Equity Shares to promote social enterprise amongst emerging market private equity industry.

NESsT opens office in Timisoara, Romania.

NESsT selected as charity partner for European Private Equity Awards in Paris.


NESsT hosts first Social Enterprise Marketplace in Peru with Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA).

NESsT opens office in Sao Paulo and launches first Social Enterprise Competition in Brazil.

NESsT UK is founded as an independent charity in London.

end-of-the-rainbow-cover-wwwNESsT releases End of the Rainbow book on LGBT social enterprise.

NESsT presents first International Venture Philanthropy Award for Latin America in New York.


NESsT presents first Woman in Social Enterprise (WISE) Awards in Europe and Latin America.

levantandochile_logo-wwwNESsT launches Levantando Chile Fund to support social enterprises in areas most effected by the devastating earthquake.

NESsT hosts first Social Enterprise Marketplace in Chile.


NESsT opens office in San Francisco, California, to support global communications and investor relations.

SED LogoNESsT launches first Social Enterprise Days in Chile and Hungary.

Loic Comolli is appointed co-CEO by NESsT Board of Directors.

2012: NESsT 15th Anniversary

2012-sewf-rio-logo-wwwNESsT hosts the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

NESsT establishes a new country program in Poland to generate new employment opportunities in the country. 

NFR coverNESsT releases Social Enterprise in Emerging Market Countries: No Free Ride book on unlocking philanthropic capital to support early-stage enterprises. NESsT releases Rompiendo el Cascarón book highlighting lessons learned from incubating technology-based social enterprises in Peru. 

NESsT releases The Power of Sharing: Exploring the digital sharing economy at the base of the pyramid book, highlighting the  potential of the collaborative economy to impact low-income communities.


NESsT launches NESsT Partners, a new program modeled after Social Venture Partners in the US, supporting philanthropists who want to give back by engaging their time and capital to grow social enterprises in emerging market countries.

NESsT releases Positioning Social Enterprise on the Policy Agenda: Road to Travel, a publication assessing how policies can leverage the power of social enterprise and impact investing to solve urgent social issues.

NESsT releases Shared Value: Doing Business with Social Enterprises, a publication assessing the many ways that corporations can engage with social enterprises as part of their core business and social impact.

NESsT Consulting has provided support in social enterprise development through its services targeting corporations, foundations and NGOs to over 100 clients in over 55 countries.


NESsT launches the Global Leadership Council, a major-gifts network allowing members to take an active role in growing NESsT.

NESsT wins the Premio VIVA in the Venture Philanthropy Category. VIVA Idea is a philanthropic organization that promotes sustainability, innovation and strategy in Latin America.

1NESsT releases Beyond the Lab: Changing Lives through Hardware Technology Enterprises, a publication and case study analysis including best practices on how to position these enterprises to achieve maximum growth and impact.

NESsT releases Closing the Talent Gap of the Brazilian Hospitality Industry: Investing in At-Risk Youth, a publication analyzing youth unemployment in Brazil and how the hospitality industry can be a solution for youth from marginalized communities.

3NESsT releases Building the Social Investment Industry in Central and Eastern Europe: The Case of Romania, a publication assessing the state of social enterprise financing and offering recommendations for implementing the study’s findings.

NESsT launches the Employment Fund to catalyze employment creation in Latin America.

2017: NESsT 20th Anniversary

NESsT launches Profits for Nonprofits to train nonprofit leaders in financial sustainability and revenue-generation.