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Founders’ Leadership Series: Key values for a successful entrepreneur

NESsT is headquartered in San Francisco, where entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology meet to solve problems in our daily routines and in global issues that will impact generations to come. Our colleague, Nathalie Figueroa, visited the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to hear leading investor and Stanford Business School professor, Andy Rachleff, share the key values he’s observed in entrepreneurs of successful businesses he’s worked with.   Watch the full one-hour interview or read the key takeaways below!  Ask yourself: What do you uniquely [...] More ›

Kiva lenders raise $30,000 for Project Pietà!

In less than a week, over 900 people trusted in Pietà by becoming their lenders and partners through the campaign organized by NESsT and Kiva! They are not only making this vision possible, they’re making it stronger. Project Pietà is a social enterprise and clothing label that was founded by Thomas, a fashion designer, specifically to help inmates independently earn income to support their families while in prison. They are also able to build valuable work experience [...] More ›

Growing Social Enterprises in the Balkans – Irina Asaftei from NESsT Romania chats with Goodbiz

After years in the finance sector, Irina Asaftei realized that she wanted to go beyond her focus on generating profit.  She joined NESsT after working in Romania, Uganda, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK, specializing in project design and management, organization development, capacity building, and communications for NGOs tackling a wide array of social issues. Goodbiz hosted Irina from NESsT Romania at their introductory event “Community for Better Investment” in March 2017. Check out her interview on what makes [...] More ›

Supporting youth from orphanages and foster families to become developers

After forming part of NESsT’s publication Closing the Talent Gap of the BPO/IT Industry in Poland, Coders Lab decided to launch their own social enterprise to make their programming lessons available to youth from underprivileged backgrounds.   Many young people in Poland undertake work where development opportunities are limited or remain unemployed entirely because they are unable to meet the desired qualifications of the labor market. In particularly difficult situations are the young people leaving foster care and [...] More ›

Decent Work— Adding Dignity to the Numbers

By Nicole Etchart and Loïc Comolli,  NESsT Co-CEOs, July 11, 2017 An estimated 800 million people will need access to decent work in the next five years.[1],[2]  Social enterprises throughout the world present an opportunity to meet this need. They use innovative business models that connect vulnerable groups to formal labor market jobs; these models range from workforce development and job placement to direct employment. Despite the importance of this work, the majority [...] More ›

CONCORDIA Bakery – A springboard for the future employment of youth in Romania

  Alstom Foundation, NESsT and CONCORDIA Bakery are launching their partnership to support the professional integration of young people working at CONCORDIA Bakery. In March 2017, Alstom Foundation, an organization that is actively involved in improving living conditions in the communities surrounding the sites where Alstom is operating, selected NESsT to help scale social enterprises in Romania. Together, we signed a one-year partnership with The Humanitarian Organization Concordia, member of NESsT portfolio since 2014, to support CONCORDIA [...] More ›

NESsT Partners Spotlight: Guilherme Fernandes

Guilherme Fernandes has contributed to NESsT Brazil’s financial and strategic growth. As CEO of Ashmore Brazil, he spearheaded his company’s role as a financial and capacity-building ally for many years. Guilherme was involved in selecting enterprises for our portfolio, providing finance mentoring to Retalhar, and delivering workshops to the LGBT portfolio in 2014. A heartfelt thanks to Guilherme for sharing your passion, expertise and kindness with NESsT Brazil!  We asked him what inspired him to become a champion [...] More ›

Kiva lenders raise $25,000 for Cafe Compadre in 72 hours!

Cafe Compadre’s $25,000 loan was funded in under 72 hours! Thanks to the 766 Kiva lenders for becoming part of Compadre’s mission to improve incomes for coffee farmers through solar tech! The Coffee Industry  Buying and selling green coffee beans in bulk from small-scale farmers is the norm. Small-scale coffee farmers are not only unable to access the added value of their product, but they’re also unable to consider how they can improve the [...] More ›

Sustainable Fishery Trade: Building Partnerships in the Bay Area

Simone Pisu from Sustainable Fishery Trade (SFT), an enterprise that connects small-scale fishing families directly to the market, spent two weeks meeting with important sector leaders in San Francisco. SFT is currently in due diligence as a candidate to enter the NESsT portfolio. Our portfolio team uses a hands-on approach, planning with each social enterprise to create the strongest case for investment possible. This process supports enterprises to develop sales and marketing plans, to shape their business models [...] More ›

Reflecting on 20 Years of Impact

By Nicole Etchart, Co- Founder and Co-CEO, May 11, 2017 NESsT enterprises invest in communities where poverty is endemic and have become a daily reality.  Communities that live in vulnerable environments — often secluded — that face discrimination and who simply have not been given an opportunity in life. Until a few years ago, Mari, an indigenous woman and mother from the Curimarca community, subsisted on the sale of potatoes. This seasonal business keeps her community living below [...] More ›