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Your impact with Inka Moss: a year after the Kiva loan

About a year ago, Kiva lenders propelled Inka Moss to new heights when they clicked “Lend.” Since that time, their loan and the great efforts of the Inka Moss team in partnership with NESsT has enabled Inka Moss to increase their environmental and social impact. The Kiva lenders’ confidence in Inka Moss in 2015 made it possible for the enterprise to attain the funds necessary to strengthen its business. The Kiva loan increased the potential [...] More ›

Traits of a Successful Social Entrepreneur

1: A key driver of the success of a social enterprise is the extent to which the entrepreneur’s ability to leverage networks and ecosystem actors to help them grow their business. The start of a New Year always feels like an opportunity for fresh beginnings. If you’re on the path of your own social entrepreneurship journey, we want to motivate you. So get out there and find your allies (hi!), engage them and build healthy relationships.  Check [...] More ›

Building a self-financing venture into your organization’s fundraising strategy

Generating new sources of revenues is the primary concern of nonprofit executives and boards, with 24% to 36% of nonprofits operating deficits. (Nonprofit Finance Fund) If a self-financing venture is carefully developed with the right process and tools, it can allow a nonprofit not only to diversify its funding sources and reach financial revenue goals, but also to dramatically improve organizational capacity and strengthen its mission and impact outcomes.   NESsT is partnering with TechSoup to [...] More ›

Using technology to solve the root problems of poverty

On Thursday, January 18, 2017 Nicole Etchart was featured on the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)’s sector call to speak about Beyond the Laboratory: Changing Lives through Hardware Technology Enterprises.  During the sector call, Nicole shared NESsT’s approach to launching and scaling invention-based enterprises in order to maximize each enterprise’s social impact. Our methodology revolves around the four pillars of hardware technology enterprises, namely scientific knowledge; entrepreneurship; focus on solving problems; and social engagement. Most Latin American [...] More ›

Kiva lenders fund $50,000 in loans to Suritex

Group of weavers in Huancayo, Peru Suritex entered the alpaca fiber industry to employ women who are excluded from the labor market. Their success has the potential to disrupt the alpaca fiber industry simply through fair compensation of everyone involved in the process.   Through the NESsT-Kiva partnership, Suritex has obtained a total of $50,000 of financing as credit that will allow the company to expand its operations and include more smallholders who can sell their alpaca [...] More ›

A Gift that Gives More

What if every purchase we made always had a higher positive return? NESsT enterprises provide opportunities for conscientious shoppers to drive positive change and transparency across all industries. As consumers, we have the power to demand ethical treatment of employees and suppliers as well as the sustainable care of our environment. The holiday season is a perfect time to make a gift that will provide a pathway out of poverty for low-income and marginalized individuals. Join [...] More ›

Let’s build a global collaborative culture where poverty is obsolete.

In celebration of #GivingTuesday, we invite you to donate to NESsT. Join us in building a global collaborative culture where poverty is obsolete. For NESsT enterprises, building relationships based on respect and trust is at the core of expanding livelihood opportunities for diverse communities. Café Compadre empowers coffee farmers in the Peruvian jungle by providing them with solar-powered technology to roast and improve the quality of their coffee beans. This leads to an [...] More ›

¡Únete a la celebración!

  En celebración de #UnDiaParaDar te invitamos a donar a NESsT para crear una cultura de colaboración global donde la pobreza no existe. Para las empresas de NESsT, las relaciones basadas en el respeto y la confianza están en el centro de nuestro trabajo dedicado a crear oportunidades de trabajo para las comunidades marginadas. Café Compadre ayuda a los productores de café en la selva peruana, proporcionándoles la tecnología de energía solar para tostar y mejorar la calidad de [...] More ›

NESsT & Kiva Partner for Water Access in Peru!

How do you get an entire nation excited about reaching 100% access to potable water? A NESsT Enterprise figured it out, and it’s expanding. YAQUA’s impact starts with the sale of a bottle of water. When someone purchases a bottle of YAQUA, it is because 100% of earnings are directed to projects that solve water and sanitation problems in impoverished areas of Peru. NESsT and Kiva are excited to support YAQUA in raising $50,000 in small loans [...] More ›

The Ingredients for Maximizing Social Impact: Ensuring Marginalized Communities are the Protagonists

Photo by Barbara Rosner   What are the ingredients of an innovative approach to increase the impact of a business that is solving critical social problems? Being an entrepreneur is like cooking. At first glance, we all could try. All we need is access to a great recipe, the ingredients and tools (such as financing, an entrepreneurial spirit, or an online community of mentors) to guarantee a delicious dish in the end. At first sight, yes, it’s easy! But, [...] More ›