Sandra Ortiz Diaz



Project Manager, Social Innovation, BMW Foundation
Berlin, Germany

Sandra Ortiz is a Project Manager in Social Innovation at the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt in Berlin, Germany.

Sandra was born in Mexico City. At the age of 19, she came to Hamburg as an au pair and decided to stay in Germany. While studying “theater pedagogy” Sandra began an internship at “Dialogue in the Dark” in Hamburg, where she worked for 6 years as an International Consultant. “Dialogue in the Dark” is an experience in total darkness where, led by blind guides and trainers, one learns to interact and communicate by relying on other senses. Her involvement in both national and international exhibitions of “Dialogue in the Dark” sparked her interest in social entrepreneurship.

Since 2010, Sandra has worked as a cross-cultural trainer. She also set up a volunteer project together with the student initiative “Weitblick” which promotes education for deaf children in Mexico. In March 2012 she began to work for the BMW Foundation in the field of “social innovation.” Addressing leaders who, in their professional and personal lives, take into consideration the greater common good, the BMW Foundation seeks to create and increase responsible leadership in a globalized world.

Sandra’s main focus is on people and finding ways to overcome barriers such as social and cultural backgrounds, and physical or mental handicaps in order to promote social inclusion worldwide.