Peter Holbrook



CEO, Social Enterprise UK
United Kingdom

Peter Holbrook is CEO of Social Enterprise UK – the national body for social enterprise representing a wide range of social enterprises, regional and national support networks and other related organisations. Social Enterprise UK’s key activities are centred on informing and influencing the policy agenda, promoting the benefits of social enterprise and undertaking research to expand the social enterprise evidence base.

Prior to taking on this role, Peter was founding CEO of Sunlight Development Trust which works across Kent to deliver a wide range of health and social care services and a network of award winning social enterprises including event catering, community radio, property management and media services.

In 2007, Peter was appointed to be one of the UK’s Social Enterprise Ambassadors. He is a member of the government’s mutuals taskforce, employee engagement taskforce and is a board member of Big Society Trust, overseeing the delivery of Big Society Capital.