Juan Carlos Moreno



Investment Manager, LGT Venture Philanthropy

Juan Carlos has spent the past 13 years as a strategy and business development consultant to both established and emerging companies. Much of his career has been devoted to understanding and building business models and to capture business opportunities. Juan Carlos assisted companies in writing business plans as the basis for fundraising, partnerships/strategic alliances and for the sale of a company. From the investor side, Juan Carlos has managed acquisition searches for strategic investors and has conducted due diligence assessments for both equity investors and acquiring companies.

Looking for an international orientation Juan Carlos joined in 2000 Deloitte (Switzerland) as a Consultant in Merger&Acquisition (M&A). For an eight year period he assisted clients in consulting and achieving the best value from a transaction through supporting stock exchange listings, public takeovers, or private transactions.

After this period Juan Carlos joined in 2007 Adecco Management & Consulting (Switzerland), a corporate company, to work as an Internal Consulting Manager. With a strong focus on adding value to the business units and leading a big team, Juan Carlos has been successfully managing M&A and restructuring projects in South America.

Following his vision to work one day for a social cause in South America, Juan Carlos decided to leave the private sector in 2009. The opportunity was given to him to work as a CFO for a local medium-sized social business. As a CFO he refined and restructured the organization in strategy and finance and joined in 2010 LGT Venture Philanthropy as Investment Manager located in Brazil.