Graziella Maria Comini



Coordenadora do Centro de Empreendedorismo Social e Administração em Terceiro Setor, Universidade de São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Economist with a Master and Ph.D. in Management from the School of Economics, Management and Accounting at the University of São Paulo – FEA/USP.

Specialization Courses at University of Bologna and Harvard Business School
Teaches Human Resources and Social Entrepreneurship at undergraduate and graduate levels at FEA/USP and MBAs on Management and Social Entrepreneurship at FIA (Fundação Instituto de Administração)
Tutor of several research/term papers at undergraduate level and dissertations focuses on social businesses
in Brazil.

Coordinator of CEATS (Center of Social Entrepreneurship and Administration in the Third Sector) at FEA/USP ( Represents Brazil in the Social Enterprise Knowledge Network – SEKN( Part of the group that launched the First Brazilian MBA in socio-environmental business in 2012, a partnership among CEATS/ University of Sao Paulo, Artemisia and IPE (Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas). Pedagogical coordinator of the first Brazilian MBA focused on Social Environmental Business.

Author of several articles about social businesses in Brazil. Board member at IPE and Gastromotiva.