Bill Gardiner

Bill Gardiner


NESsT Grantwriter
Santiago, Chile

Bill was a NESsTER in our Santiago office, as well as a consultant for grant-writing.

Bill brought to NESsT more than 10 years of experience in local economic development in the Washington, D.C. area, where he was the Director, Business Resource and Project Analysis of a county-based organization and assisted a wide range of businesses. For eight years he also served as the Mayor of the City of Hyattsville, Maryland, a community with 18,000 residents and 100 employees. Bill was successful in developing public-private partnerships that resulted in significant new investment and was instrumental in the city´s adoption of organizational changes and personnel policy improvements.

Bill has a Bachelor´s degree in Politics from Wake Forest University and a Master´s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Maryland. He and his wife, a professor at a local university, moved to Santiago in 2011.