Aron Jakab



Founder & CEO, Fruit of Care (FoC)
Budapest, Hungary

Aron Jakab is a designer and social entrepreneur. Aron has been developing the fruit of care* concept for 10 years with the indispensable support of individuals and organisations – most importantly NESsT- who shared his belief in the viability of the concept.

Besides his education in the arts and design (he has a design and a teacher degree), Aron has a long work experience in the nonprofit sector and acquired decisive and practical knowledge in business development and management over the years. He used this knowledge in the last couple of years not just setting up his own social enterprise but also to provide advice and consultancy to other NGOs developing their own social enterprise idea.

In 2010, Aron was chosen as one of the three Vodafone ‘Full-time’ Angel among 151 applicants. The Vodafone Grant helped him to set up the FRUIT OF CARE Not-for-profit Ltd (in a joint ownership with three nonprofit organisations) and also provided substantial media coverage for the company.

Aron firmly believes that social entrepreneurship is a viable solution to the needs of society as it combines the knowledge and skills of both the nonprofit and business community in order to create a sustainable, successful and more inclusive society.

*fruit of care – Give a gift. Offer a future.
FRUIT OF CARE is a social enterprise that plays an active role in connecting sheltered workshops to the market. It develops and sells high quality, handmade and design gift items made by disabled people for companies and individuals committed to social responsibility. The mission of FRUIT OF CARE is to increase the financial sustainability of the organisations running the sheltered workshops, to secure long term employment for handicapped people, and most importantly to provide a novel tool to fight discrimination and prejudice against them.

The registered trademark of FRUIT OF CARE is an important asset in our plan to expand our positive impact on a regional level, franchising and applying our model and know-how to local markets throughout Central and Eastern Europe.