Providing rehabilitation programs to youth with physical disabilities.

Social Challenge

According to the National Disability Fund, over 2.5 million Chileans have some sort of disability. Of these, less than 30% are employed and over 50% live in poverty. Social stigma around disabilities prevent them from becoming productive members of society, particularly in the more remote areas of the country. Recycling is becoming a growing need. Only 7 percent of the six million tons of waste generated annually in Chile are recycled.

NESsT Enterprise

Upasol operates a free collection service for recyclable household goods. The waste is then sold to companies that use the material in their recycling and production processes, generating revenue for the  organization.

Enterprise Impact
  • In 2012, social enterprise income comprised 92.23% of the organization´s budget.
  • The social enterprise reached 1,903 beneficiaries in 2012; a 42% increase from 2011 to 2012.

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