Sociedade Humana Despertar

Fighting deforestation through education.

Social Challenge

21,000 km² are deforested every year in Brazil. Current policy does not hold companies accountable for the damage this does to the environment directly and indirectly. Public school science curriculum does not consistently include alternatives to deforestation in its curriculum and extra curricular activities.

NESsT Enterprise

Sociedade Humana Despertar is a social enterprise that sells seedlings from its nursery of native tree species. It also provides urban reforestation services to companies, organizations and the government. SHD uses the profit earned from its social enterprise to educate youth in after school programs on environment related themes. This type of hands on learning prepares them also for the labor market.

Impact Goals
  • Will train and employ 10 young people from marginalized communities.
  • Will produce and plant 17.000 seedlings in recovery areas.