Roda SK

RODA – Roditelji u Akciji

Promoting active parenthood and natural childcare.

Social Challenge

Children spend around 2.5 years “in diapers.” An average of 5,000 diapers are used by each child in this period, equaling 1 ton of waste. In Croatia junkyards receive approximately 122 million disposable diapers per year.


NESsT Enterprise

RODA designs and markets a line of trendy and easy-to-use cloth diapers and accessories, delivering clients value through an eco-friendly, affordable and high-quality alternative to disposable diapers. RODA hires the services of a sheltered workshop that employs persons with disabilities for the sewing and repairing of the diapers .

Enterprise Impact
  • 4,200 cloth diapers sold in 2012, which spared the environment of around 75,000kg of waste.
  • Eight persons with disabilities receiving income.

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