Making the kitchen safe and healthy for over 5000 people.

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Social Challenge

In Peru, 42% of households use firewood, charcoal, manure and/or agricultural waste as fuel for cooking. In rural areas, 82% of households use biomass, mainly wood and dung, materials that are highly pollutant and harmful to health. This has led to an increase in the rate of pulmonary disease among rural communities, particularly women and children.

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NESsT Enterprise

Manufacture and sale of a line of improved portable cook stoves with more efficient wood consumption and reduced smoke emission. Clients include families, tourism businesses and social organizations in the Puno region of Peru.

NESsT Value Added
  • Helped Koyllor to validate the prototypes and increase efficiency in the manufacturing process.
  • Supported Koyllor in the design and implementation of the business model in Peru’s southern macro-region.
  • Worked with Koyllor to define a business strategy for new market segments and design local marketing campaigns.


direct beneficiaries


reduction in smoke emission per stove


cumulative sales

US$ 80,660

NESsT investment to date