Improving new lives with affordable and suitable technology.


Social Challenge:

Approximately 50% of newborns have some incidence of Neonatal Jaundice and between 4% and 6% develop Pathological Jaundice. In 2013 approximately 41,000 children required phototherapy treatment. If not treated properly, jaundice can cause permanent neurological problems. The technology available for treatment in rural areas is inadequate.

Ingenimed peopple

NESsT Enterprise:

Ingenimed designs, produces and sells blue light phototherapy equipment called “NEOLED”, a high-quality, cost-effective treatment for neonatal jaundice. It offers two solutions: a conventional one used directly over incubators and an alternative known as “Madre Canguro” or Kangaroo Pouch.

NESsT value added:
  • Helped the development and improvement of the prototype, and tested it in 3 clinics and helped formally start the business.
  • Supported and advised on clinical validation and obtaining permits necessary to market the technology.
  • Provided strategic, operational and financial advice on the development of a business plan to expand the company’s scale on a national level.


newborns have benefitted from the technology


increase in beneficiaries in 2013

US$ 78,765

NESsT investment to date