Fundación Reciduca

Supporting education among 1,100 low-income, at-risk youth.

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Social Challenge

In Argentina, high school dropout rates are close to 50 percent, and 1 in 3 unemployed people are young adults.

NESsT Enterprise

Reciduca  prepares and places low-income high school graduates in positions at local companies. The social enterprise provides training and paid internship opportunities to the students who remain in high school, as a deterrent against dropping out. Reciduca plans to scale the number of students placed in the next four years.

NESsT Value Added
  • Helped Reciduca transform its high school dropout prevention program into a social enterprise that provides paid internships and job opportunities to young adults in addition to training.
  • Implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system for Reciduca to track its clients.


job placements


potential dropouts avoided

US$ 6,500

average annual income per employed youth

US$ 95,000

NESsT investment to date