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Meaningful work opportunities for 200 people with intellectual disabilities.

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Social Challenge

In Hungary, only one out of ten people living with disabilities is employed, compared to four in ten for the EU overall. There are numerous so-called “sheltered workshops” that aim at employing persons with disabilities, but in most cases lack business and product development skills needed to access the market and ensure sustainable employment.

NESsT Enterprise

fruit of care currently sells two hundred different high quality, designer gift and decorative products made by people with intellectual disabilities in eight sheltered workshops to companies and retail customers.


NESsT Value Added
  • Provided access to EUR 21,000 in third-party loan financing to grow business and is now founding partner of the nonprofit company.
  • Gave strategic  guidance  on key issues including the management of a seasonal business , strengthening sales capacity, as well as ongoing communication support.


sheltered workshops as suppliers


meaningful working opportunities for people with disabilities in 2013

US$ 172,200

NESsT investment to date