Csoport-teka HU

Csoport-téka Association

Integrating people with disadvantages into the workplace

Social Mission

To employ and integrate people with disadvantages into the labor market, such as those who are long-term unemployed, young graduates, people with disabilities, and young mothers.

Social Challenge

Unemployment in Hungary averaged 11.4% in 2010. The unemployment rate is extremely high among youth between 15-25 and other disadvantaged groups. After facing long periods of unemployment, these groups suffer from a loss of skills and difficulty with integration, as well as other social problems.

Social Enterprise

Csoport-téka offers high-impact, replicable employment services for individuals who often face multiple disadvantages in the labor market.

Enterprise Impact
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 1,000
  • Annual Income of the Social Enterprise: US$ 72,000
  • Percentage of Income from the Social Enterprise: 59.94%

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