Generating meaningful opportunities for people with disabilities.

Social Challenge

64% of the population of Moreno lives below the poverty line and 28% lives in extreme poverty. Of 60,000 individuals with some type of disability, only 30% have access to primary education, treatment, recreation and/or employment.

NESsT Enterprise

Andar Catering offers gourmet products, baked goods and catering services for business lunches, coffee breaks and receptions, among others. Through these quality products and services, the enterprise brings in revenue that allows it to cover part of the bakery’s costs while providing dignified work to its beneficiaries, thereby making a significant contribution to Andar’s social mission.

Impact Statistics
  • The social enterprise employed 249 people with disabilities in 2012.
  • 330% growth in total social enterprise income from 2010 to 2012.

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