At a Glance

Location: Lima, Perú

Impact Areas: Sustainable Income, Technology

People Supported:
Small Producers & Artisans

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


Nearly 8 million people in Peru lack access to clean water. Via its commercialized water sales, YAQUA gives all of its proceeds to infrastructure projects that provide communities in Peru with access to water. Its high quality level and strong distribution system makes YAQUA a competitive brand.

YAQUA is looking to expand its product offerings by developing a new line of dried fruit snacks. The enterprise will incorporate low-income fruit farmers in its supply chain, offering training and greater income, with proceeds supporting additional infrastructure projects in Peru.


Results & Impact 


families to receive access to clean water by 2020


proceeds designated to provide communities in Peru with access to water


fruit farmer suppliers receiving income by 2020

These communities are cheering for us to do more, to grow stronger so that we can make the impossible possible. Because of NESsT, we have this support to grow.
— Fernando Tamayo, Co-Founder of YAQUA

NESsT Investment

YAQUA joined the NESsT portfolio in 2016. YAQUA was founded in 2011 and has grown rapidly as a distributor of bottled water in Peru. All the company's profits have been invested in water access projects for communities in need. NESsT is working with YAQUA as it seeks to increase its social impact through the expansion of its product line.

NESsT's initial support of YAQUA was specific to procuring a water filtration technology that could improve the efficiency of the infrastructure projects it funds with profits from its bottled water business. NESsT facilitated an introduction between YAQUA and an inventor of a multipurpose water filter and supported the transfer of the intellectual property rights to the company.

YAQUA now plans to invest in a new product line of healthy fruit snacks that will use the same distribution points as its bottled water. The NESsT team in Peru has provided consulting to design the business model of its new product line of healthy snacks. NESsT also provided start-up capital to launch the new product line and leveraged co-investors to support the company's growth.