At a Glance

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Impact Area: Labor Inclusion

People Supported:
People with Disabilities, Women

Joined NESsT Portfolio:



Nearly 200 different species of marine life die from the estimated 46,000 pieces of non recyclable plastic debris that make their way into the ocean annually. Viitor Plus’ social enterprise Atelierul de Pânză sells environmentally friendly shopping bags made from natural materials as an alternative to plastic bags. These bags are made by people with disabilities who work from home or in Viitor Plus’ production facility.

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NESsT Investment

Viitor Plus Association joined the NESsT portfolio in 2011. Since then, NESsT has invested financial capital, as well as tailored business development support in the business.


  • Invested US$45,675.58 to date.


  • Helped Viitor Plus to create and implement a sales strategy that diversified sales channels, strengthened negotiating skills and increased sales in the corporate sector.
  • Worked with Viitor Plus to analyze potential growth strategies, improve financial planning and pricing, and to leverage additional support for the social enterprise.
NESsT is a reliable partner who has helped us grow every year. The financial support and advice received from NESsT was essential for us to develop long-term elevated results. We are proud to be members of the NESsT Portfolio and to associate with an organization that fosters professionalism, integrity and commitment in promoting the social economy in Romania.
— Andreea Pandalescu, former Social Enterprise Manager for Viitor Plus

Results & Impact 


year-to-date beneficiaries



annual sales in 2016



jobs for people with disabilities and at-risk women