At a Glance

Mureș, Romania

Impact Area:
Labor Inclusion

People Supported:
People with Disabilities, Rural

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


People with disabilities in Mureș County are at high risk of social exclusion and unemployment. Local social service agencies also struggle to secure enough funding for services that can support this population with training, employment and long-term assistance. Timural Group was founded by Alpha Transilvana Foundation to create jobs for people with disabilities and generate sustainable revenues to support its services for this same community. Operating under the WoodJoy brand, Timural sells educational toys and small wooden furniture, which are manufactured by people with disabilities that the enterprise trains in woodworking skills.    

Results & Impact 


estimated increase in sales in 2016


people with disabilities employed


revenues reinvested in social service programs to date

This support is like fresh air for us. It will help us increase the number of clients, find distribution channels in Western Europe, exceed breakeven point and implicitly generate new work opportunities for people with special needs.
— Eva Gyorki, Manager, Timural Group

NESsT Investment

Timural Group joined the NESsT portfolio in 2015. Since then, NESsT has invested financial capital, as well as tailored business development support in the business.

NESsT has focused its support on helping the team to validate and refine its WoodJoy product line and business plan. The NESsT portfolio team in Romania supported the Timural team in refining its business plans, specific to the production and sale of small wooden furniture and educational toys. NESsT also advised on building and implementing a sales plan, as well as accessing new distribution chains. To improve the company's operations, NESsT leveraged pro-bono consulting on lean production management for the Timural team.

In support of this product line, NESsT invested financial capital for prototype development, staff salaries and travel costs to promote WoodJoy products at trade shows and industry events.