Program Overview

Despite Poland’s strong economic performance in recent years, poverty levels have not decreased significantly since 2005. In 2014, 16.2% of the population was living under the poverty line, particularly at-risk groups such as young people and low-income women. The country’s high-growth industries present a significant opportunity to reverse the trends and provide young people, women and other marginalized groups better economic futures.

The NESsT Empowers program seeks to address the lack of quality, skilled jobs available for underserved communities. The program invests in social enterprises that generate dignified employment opportunities, and engages with corporations and social entrepreneurs in designing demand-led workforce and job placement curricula. The program plans to create access to jobs for 1,500 youth and women in Poland over the next five years.

Get Involved

The NESsT Empowers program provides several opportunities for involvement.



  • Participate in research to map the skills and employment needs of high-growth industries in Poland.

  • Provide direct employment to women and youth trained by NESsT Empowers social entrepreneurs.


Advocate & Advise

  • Advocate for improved workforce development and employment policies through roundtables, meetings and events.

  • Assist in the design of new vocational education programs serving underserved groups in the country.


Invest & Strengthen

  • Become a sponsor of the NESsT Empowers program to scale up employment creation.

  • Join the NESsT Business Advisory Network to volunteer with the program.

Read our Reports

The NESsT Empowers program produced an in-depth study of the high-growth industries and the job opportunities they offer for at-risk youth and women in Poland. These industries will create thousands of jobs in the next five years, many of which can be filled by training the thousands of non-participating, at-risk and excluded groups in the country. Learn more about the study findings:


Closing the Skills Gap in Poland: Leveraging the Promise of Social Enterprise and the BPO Industry

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NESsT Empowers Industry Profiles




NESsT would like to thank the JPMorgan Chase Foundation for generously supporting the NESsT Empowers research and publication of the study, and our work to support social enterprises that provide dignified employment for at-risk communities in Poland. 

We are also thankful for the support of PwC, Sage, Credit Suisse, Fossil Foundation
and the United Way Worldwide acting on behalf of the generosity of BNY Mellon. 
See the full list of our supporters here.

Other NESsT Empowers initiative partners are BGK, BNP Paribas, DLA Piper, EY, Hays, Microsoft and UBS.