At a Glance

Tard, Hungary

Impact Area:
Sustainable Income

People Supported:
Women, Small Producers & Artisans, Rural

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


One-third of the population of Hungary lives in small, isolated villages where there is little opportunity for dignified jobs and livelihoods. Tard is one such village located in the Matyó region of Hungary. Approximately 80% of the people in the village do not have jobs. The Matyó culture is renowned for the beauty of its traditional embroidery and craftsmanship, but it is endangered as the number of people skilled in these techniques dwindles. matyodesign creates clothing embellished with traditional motifs from the region. The clothing is embroidered by local women who are experts in this traditional art form and who have difficulties finding employment elsewhere in the region.


Results & Impact 


hand-embroidered products sold to date


local women receiving income for embroidery


people whose quality of life improved in the village

Making a social enterprise successful is difficult because of its diversity. In this diversity, NESsT guided our often too dreamy thinking, our often too scattered attention and our sometimes half-hearted concepts into a business where we can now more easily find a balance between our social and financial goals.
— Bogyisz Váczi, Founder, matyodesign

NESsT Investment

matyodesign joined the NESsT portfolio in 2012. Since then, NESsT has invested financial capital, as well as tailored business development support in the business.

NESsT's financial investment in matyodesign has been for ongoing operational expenses, including providing pro-bono office space in our Budapest office for three years.

The opportunity to be located within NESsT's offices allowed the matyodesign team to work closely with the NESsT team on developing key business management systems for finances and performance management. NESsT also provided mentoring and assisted in the development of an expanded sales strategy, including matyodesign's recent e-commerce platform launch and the expansion of its sales into the United Kingdom.