Program Overview

Made in Andrei’s Country Project (second edition) is a social enterprise competition organized by OMV Petrom in partnership with NESsT. This project provides funds with a total value of €350,000, and consultancy and training with NESsT’s team of experts to create social enterprises that produce value, solve social problems and provide jobs in the communities covered by the project.


Made in Andrei’s Country aims at developing sustainable social enterprises that would create jobs, sustainable incomes and socio-economic opportunities for people from vulnerable groups.

Within the project there are 29 communities eligible for financing the development of social enterprises. These communities are geographically dispersed in different rural areas of Romania where OMV Petrom operates and are facing serious socio-economic problems. Before launching the competition, each community has gone through a phase of needs and local potential mapping.

Throughout the project NESsT provides support for the individuals and teams, which entered the competition, for developing ideas, elaborating market studies, feasibility studies and business plans. After the pitching session 10 business ideas are awarded with €32,000 each and supported to implement the business plans.


The project’s specific objectives are:

  • To support 35 potential entrepreneurs to clarify and plan a social business and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

  • To support the development of 20 business plans, thus preparing a funding opportunity for the entrepreneurs. In order to achieve this objective there have been organized three workshops focusing on elaborating feasibility studies, market studies, for which each entrepreneur has received a grant of €1,500, and writing their business plans. Another important investment made through the project consists in the 1,800+ individual consulting hours offered by NESsT team.

  • To finance 10 social enterprises with €32,000 each and offering consultancy in the implementation phase. In this phase, three workshops are planned, focusing on performance management, marketing and sales and financial aspects.


The project was implemented between May 2015 – June 2017 and has the following expected results:

  • Create 10 social enterprises within the eligible communities in the project

  • Invest grants in total value of €350,000 for the development of social enterprises (including venture planning grants)

  • Create more than 60 jobs in the eligible communities

  • Support about 80 local producers by purchasing raw materials needed for the activity social enterprises (i.e. vegetables, fruits)

  • Support youth education and training in various domains (carpenter work, beekeeping, home care, etc.) for a total of 30 people

Supported Social Enterprises



The project is implemented in partnership with OMV Petrom. More details about the project can be found on the website Fabricat in TLA.


To learn more, please contact Irina Asaftei, Project Manager, NESsT Romania at iasaftei[at]