At a Glance

Location: Baia Mare, Romania

Impact Area: Labor Inclusion

People Supported:
People with Disabilities, Rural

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


Work opportunities in Baia Mare are limited and the resulting quality of life for many families is low. This affects their ability to sustain, educate and care for their children. The business provides quality archiving and printing services offered by people with disabilities, who are unemployed or who face other social challenges that make it difficult to obtain employment.


NESsT Investment

Împreună pentru Ei joined the NESsT portfolio in 2013. Since then, NESsT has invested financial capital, as well as tailored business development support in the business.


  • US$20,250.00 invested to date. 


  • Helped Împreună pentru Ei with its HR planning and management (recruitment, employee benefits and motivation, employee retention, setting targets and calculating work norm).
  • Provided legal advice and guided the enterprise to develop and implement a sales strategy, strengthen financial management, and consolidate their leadership.
It is very difficult to list all the benefits that we have received from working with NESsT, but in one sentence we could say NESsT had a positive impact on our organization, contributing substantially to who we are today. For us, working with NESsT is an experience that totally changed our view on the idea of business in general and social business in particular, as a solution to community social problems.
— Gabriela Pop, Founder of Împreună Pentru Ei

Results & Impact 


disadvantaged people employed



people with disabilities trained



annual income from sales in 2016