At a Glance

Location: Lima, Perú

Impact Areas: Labor Inclusion, Technology

People Supported:
Women, Urban

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


Perú has one of the highest rates of informal workers in Latin America. In Lima, less than 1% of housekeepers have formal contracts with their employers and most of them are treated with indifference. Without a contract, women working as housekeepers earn below minimum wage and lack access to work benefits such as healthcare, pension and vacations. 

HouseKipp is a cleaning and maintenance services company that is changing lives by offering formal contracts and fair wages to its employees. Additionally, HouseKipp provides its employees with training to improve their housekeeping service quality, career development opportunities to increase their responsibilities beyond cleaning services, and access to micro-loans for their childrens' education. 

HouseKipp Employee Group.jpg

Results & Impact 


women contracted as housekeepers with HouseKipp


women to be employed by HouseKipp by 2021


more income received by HouseKipp employees than as independent housekeepers

The leadership workshops for women have allowed me to see a new future. I am more confident, aware and motivated to grow both personally and professionally. I like working at Housekipp because they value my work and have allowed me to learn new knowledge.
— Verónica, the first HouseKipper and current customer service representative

NESsT Investment

HouseKipp joined the NESsT portfolio in 2017. The enterprise has grown rapidly, gaining market traction while also increasing their need to consolidate the business.

HouseKipp's technology includes a web platform that allows customers to make online reservations and payments, and to provide feedback on the service after delivery, as well as an app for HouseKippers to deliver the service. For this, they need to finalize the software and fully implement the app to invest in marketing and to secure working capital needs. 

NESsT leveraged a loan raised on the Kiva lending platform to improve the customer-facing technology platform and to create a digital marketing and communications strategy to increase the company's customer base.

NESsT's business advisory services focus on helping HouseKipp develop a strategy to increase the company's business customer base. On the social impact side, NESsT is supporting the enterprise to develop a theory of change and establish metrics to measure its impact. Finally, NESsT is working with the company to define and form its board of directors and governance structure.