At a Glance

Warsaw, Poland

Impact Area:
Labor Inclusion

People Supported:
Women, Youth

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


The number of people living in poverty in Poland has remained static in recent years, with young people under the age of 30 and women often unable to find quality work, instead taking temporary, low-paying positions or remaining unemployed. These individuals lack the required education and skills that employers are seeking in high-growth industries, such as the business process services and information technology (BPO/IT) sector.

Dimpact is a social enterprise that offers affordable training packages that provide young people and women with specialized skills and hands-on training to help jumpstart their careers in the BPO/IT industry. In collaboration with corporate partners, the social enterprise adjusts their curriculum to meet the needs of the labor market and develops mechanisms to support graduates with securing employment.

Results & Impact 


training participants
in the first year


graduates employed
by the end of 2018


training participants in 2019

Our collaboration with NESsT lets us develop tools to support those facing difficult situations in the labor market by training them in the competencies most desired by BPO companies. For our company it’s a chance to build a sustainable business model that generates social impact. It’s also an opportunity to use NESsT’s experience and the expertise of professionals cooperating with NESsT.
— Mariusz Boguszewski, CEO, Dimpact

NESsT Investment

Dimpact joined the NESsT portfolio in 2017. NESsT is investing financial capital and business development support to support Dimpact in launching an online educational platform to offer training in BPO/IT skills and follow-on employment support to at-risk youth and women.

Dimpact was founded by the Foundation of Information Society Development. Dimpact leverages Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) training experience and corporate partnerships in the BPO sector. 

NESsT has provided a financial investment in Dimpact to develop the online educational platform and the curriculum for the pilot program, which is focused on preparing participants to take on roles as junior accountants. NESsT partnering companies, as well as NESsT team in Poland are providing ongoing consulting to help Dimpact refine its training curriculum and strengthen its governance structure.