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Warsaw, Poland

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Labor Inclusion

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Due to a lack of appropriate skills, youth in Poland suffer from unemployment and underemployment. Youth leaving state-run foster care institutions are in a particularly difficult situation, as they often take poorly paid jobs, since they have no opportunities for quality education. 

Coders Lab trains youth across all levels of education in programming skills so that they can build a career in the IT sector. Eighty percent of its graduates go on to find IT jobs and pursue IT career tracks.

Coders Lab is expanding its services to help at-risk youth leaving the foster care system gain independence and secure jobs in the IT industry. The company's Możesz ITy training program provides young people with hard skills in coding, while also integrating courses in essential soft skills, such as interpersonal communication, teamwork and time management.

Learn more about Coders Lab's new program Możesz ITy, which will provide training to young people leaving foster care to help them secure jobs in the IT industry. Click the image above to watch the video.

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Coders Lab graduates to date


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state-run foster care institutions
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Receiving an invitation to the NESsT portfolio is a great honor for us. Thanks to NESsT’s support we will be able to help youth leaving foster care gain an interesting career, and to build an independent and, sustainable future.
— Marcin Tchórzewski, CEO & Founder, Coders Lab

NESsT Investment

Coders Lab joined the NESsT portfolio in 2017. NESsT is excited to invest in Coders Lab launch of an IT educational program especially for at-risk youth leaving the foster care system.

Coders Lab was established in 2013 as one of the first companies to offer programming boot camp training in Poland. The company has grown quickly and is now the market leader with the greatest number of courses offered and graduates. 

With NESsT's support, Coders Lab has launched a foundation to provide training specifically for at-risk youth. NESsT invested start-up capital to develop the curriculum for a pilot program and cover the training costs for the first cohort of young people in the program.

NESsT's portfolio team in Poland is providing additional business development support to ensure success of the program, including validating the program and developing the ongoing revenue model. NESsT is also leveraging its network to attract valuable partnerships that can provide specialized mentorship to the Coders Lab team as it expands its social impact in Poland.