At a Glance

Location: Lima, Perú

Impact Areas: Sustainable Income, Environment

People Supported:
Small Producers & Artisans, Rural

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


Peru is the second largest producer of organic cocoa in the world, yet most of its cocoa farmers are unable to earn a full income from their cocoa production due to low productivity and meager prices paid by intermediary traders. To ensure better livelihoods, Peruvian cocoa farmers need to increase the value of their cocoa production, either through increased production on existing land or through better access to markets.

Amaz Foods produces chocolate and cocoa-based products made from cacao grown in the Peruvian jungle. They source directly from farmers offering them more value for their products, while protecting the environment by educating farming communities about how to harvest without overexploiting the land. 

Amaz Foods also helps the cocoa farmers in its supply chain increase their income by improving the quality of the cocoa they produce and experiments with new cocoa-based products that can demand higher prices.

Amaz Foods’ award-winning chocolate and cocoa products are featured in the largest supermarkets in Peru and are exported to international markets, including the United States, Japan and South Korea. 


Results & Impact 


families earning income from selling cocoa to Amaz Foods 


increase in farmer income following training & improved market access


families expected to earn income from Amaz Foods by 2021

NESsT Investment

Amaz Foods joined the NESsT portfolio in 2017. The NESsT team is excited to work with Amaz Foods on the next stage of its growth, as it seeks to develop innovative products that can provide greater income to the cocoa farmers in its supply chain and expand its reach into additional communities in Peru.

Amaz Foods was already a successful business when it applied for the NESsT portfolio. Amaz Food was founded by and continues to be run by the Morales family. The business achieved significant growth in revenues from 2014 through 2017, especially for its chocolate product line. 

After successfully launching a cocoa nib product line in 2015, the Morales family began experimenting to develop products from the juice of cacao beans that are produced as a byproduct of cocoa processing. This cacao extract features a high-level of antioxidants, and the company is working with several chefs in Peru to develop a cocoa syrup for use in desserts and drinks.

NESsT is making a growth capital investment in Amaz Foods to kickstart its cacao extract processing, including supporting the development of a processing facility, purchase of equipment, and training required to ensure the necessary quality of cocoa is produced by the farming communities. 

In addition, the NESsT team in Peru will work closely with the Amaz Foods to accelerate sales, develop financial systems to monitor results, and create plans for further expansion and investment.